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IT consulting, also referred to as technology consulting, relates to services aimed at helping clients with utilising information technology (IT) and digital assets to optimally achieve their business goals. The IT consulting segment spans both advisory and implementation services, but excludes transactional IT activities. 

We Do Consultancy on:


IT Strategy

IT strategy focuses on strategic IT propositions and IT advisory, offerings which commonly represent the first phase of any IT undertaking. Engagements typically last between six weeks to six months depending on the complexity, with the average lying at two to three months.


IT Architecture

IT architecture looks at the IT processes and systems, and defines the technological blueprint that enables business processes. Projects typically last between six to 12 months and architecture services precede any IT implementation or systems integration efforts.


IT Implementation

IT implementation line of business encompasses all services related to the design and implementation of technology-driven projects.


ERP services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services are activities that support clients with designing, implementing and/or maintaining ERP systems and modules. Key propositions include ERP package selections, business process redesigns based on an ERP template, and implementations of, for instance, SAP or Oracle products


Systems Integration,

 The systems integration domain looks at how different computing systems and software applications can link together in order to ensure that systems act as a coordinated whole. It often involves ensuring that ERP systems/modules can interact with other, more tailored applications that run in the IT landscape. 


IT Security

IT security focuses on risk, security and compliance responsibilities in the IT landscape, while 


Software Management

Software management refers to the practice that involves managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal of software applications within an organisation.


Data Analytics

Data analytics, an upcoming domain, centres around techniques and tools that can turn large amounts of data into valuable information in order to support decision making. Typical propositions in this segment are business intelligence, workforce analytics, customer intelligence, data warehousing (big data) and predictive modelling.


Digital transformation

With the right choice of business-supporting technologies, we help enterprises go beyond automating traditional methods and processes and explore new ways to boost business and even transform business models.

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